Your Income & Your Art

This week’s lecture was about how you get paid working in the creative industry.
All the different ways you can get paid for your work crowdfunding, employee, day job, consulting and etc. even though I knew about all these different options before I read the blog, I still got some extra insight into what it means to get your income from all those different options.

When I think about the future and working i have always seen myself as an employee mostly because it seems to be more of a secure income with monthly pay and benefits and direct work where your boss tells you what to do, which I prefer because it’s not as much pressure on you as it would be if you were running your own studio where you would need to plan out the work yourself and know what to do..

I feel like a lot of people these days think that their job needs to be fun and enjoyable. My view on this has always been that a job doesn’t need to be fun or enjoyable.(Lazzaro, 2016) You do it to get paid and if you enjoy it that’s a plus.

I would still like to work on my own projects on my spare time, I would be more passionate about those projects than what I work on at my job. The reason for this is that a lot of the triple-A game companies makes games to make money and, therefore, they need to pander towards their main target group and make decisions and changes about their game based on their target audience. I think that this makes it hard for you to be passionate about the game when you don’t have the creative freedom that you want. and that’s why I want to work on my own games with creative freedom.(Alexander, 2016)

Other options like crowdfunding seem like a good idea sometimes but I feel like it’s bad for the consumer at times depending what project they are backing. For example with movies like the veronica mars where they make the fan base pays for the movie and then they make lots of money on it and the backers get the DVD for free or something. In cases like this, the studio had the money for the movie they just didn’t want to take a chance on it. So they let the fans pay for it instead. many of the fans who had pledged to the Kickstarter got disappointed when the movie got released because it didn’t have the standard they expected and had trouble getting their copy of the film.(Bungard, 2014)

When it comes to backing games there are still a lot of problems even though Kickstarter has been getting better. On Kickstarter, there is no requirement for you to finish the project and you can keep the money. For example, the game Ant simulator where they didn’t finish the game and used the money on cocaine and strippers instead and the backers couldn’t do anything about it.(Hillier, 2016)


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