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Nov 5 · 2 min read

Influencers are not those with a large following (they don’t even have to have a huge following).Influencers are taste makers, experts in their industry or particular field of interest.

You can get famous for a lot of things nowadays but it’s not about the “clout”.

It’s about the community that comes WITH IT for brands.

There are influencers in many diverse areas from hair and beauty, gaming , TV and film reviews as well as anything people could imagine.

However, the things all notable influencers have in common is:

  • Engaging consistent content + specific niche area of interest + loyal community 💥🔑

So how does these influencers afford all these shinny things and holidays !?!?

To the disappointment of many millennials clout is not a currency but brands will PAY influencers to advertise their products to a highly targeted audience.

There are many apps like @traackr that let influencers monetise their following and for other brands to set up campaigns.

How does one become an Influencer and get thy bag?💰

Want to be an influencer? Here are actionable steps for you to take:

1.Don’t think about the bag it takes time
2. Choose an area you are passionate about
3. Create various types of content that BRING VALUE

4. Build and engage with your community
5. Understand your audience and be authentic
6. Understand you what will have to operate as a business, be able to sell your service
7. Be specific and intentional about what you accept as paid work

8. Engage with marketers, brand strategists and agencies. They will help you refine your strategy and get business
9. Be clear about what you want to represent

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Mr PIA 💥🔑

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