Valentine’s Day Is Over, What Now…

We all know the feeling. Valentine’s Day comes along and there is an abundance of love in the air. Social media is rife with selfies and pictures of their other halves (shouts out my beautiful, wonderful girl and partner in crime). It is largely a great day to celebrate those you really care about and appreciate. You can be as bitter as you want but love is the best thing in the world.

However, with Valentines Day comes a lot of things. It often makes people reflect on their own situation. So I wanted to encourage those just coming off the other side of the Valentines blues but also inspire those celebrating it with the one they love.

No Valentine

Here I’m going to outline some things you’ve no doubt asked yourself and answers to consider.

Why don’t I have a partner like my friends?

Chill, it may not be your time right now and it really is not the end of the world. It sounds cliche but no matter who you are there is someone out there for you.

Why can’t I be happy like them?

Firstly, to be truly happy it has to come from within, be happy within yourself first. Secondly, you don’t know whats going on in that relationship don’t be blinded by what you see on the surface. Thirdly, love is the best thing in the world but love is hard.

Loved Up, Have A Valentine

This is for everyone in love with a valentine.

This is amazing what now?

Continue, learn, grow and increase. There is never an end to love, you can always love your partner better and in different ways.

It didn’t all go to plan or how I wanted…

Not many things in life go exactly as planned. It’s ok, work with it and roll with the punches because it’s all worth it in the end.

What if I lose them/ this?

What makes love so powerful is how important it is. The question of what if I lose them/ this relationship is fear. Fear is the opposite of love not hate. Do the right thing with pure intent and take care of yours. There will be problems and issues but that happens in love.

Comparison is the thief of joy …
You rob yourself of your individuality and destiny when you compare yourself to others — Mr PIA

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You’re not this guy.

Now being Mr PIA, you know I needed to put my own spin on this.

You thought this was going to be all about love right? Aha

Re — read all the questions I asked and think about these in the context of your business or passion. Because that’s a valentine you’ve had ALL these years…

Mr PIA 💥🔑

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