What Even Vegan’s Can Learn From #SaltBae

I have never seen someone so artfully slice a piece of meat to ribbons.

If you haven’t seen or heard of him #SaltBae is the James Bond of the Butchers world. He rose to recent social media viral status with this Zorro - like disjointing of a steak much to the adoration of foodies, spectators and the ladies (I expect you were not just drooling at the steak).

I’m sure deep down even Vegan’s had to admire the way in which Nusret does what he does. Why? Because he is clearly passionate about what he does. This is not just the serving of a dish to him. This entertainment, skill and showmanship all rolled into one. This truly a rare talent (sorry I had to insert at least one steak pun).

But what can we learn from #SaltBae?

PIA Practical Points:

  • Even if it is something that is not inherently interesting do it with passion and there will be someone that appreciates your work
  • Find a way to bring something unique to your craft
  • Do not be afraid to show of your skills
  • Anything can potentially go viral if your content is good enough…you just never know
  • Consistency is key

Bonus Mr PIA Point

  • Always get your steak medium- rare (Thank me later)

Mr PIA 💥🔑