Why Snapchat Is Bigger Than What You See…

No, Snapchat is not trying to take on Ray Ban’s but you may be wearing these Spectacles for a different reason this summer…

Snapchat have released their Spectacles retailing at $130. These glasses allow you to snap your experience allowing the viewer to see your perspective.

Imagine your favourite artist wearing Snapchat Spectacles at a concert and you can see them perform from their view point!

The world is full of perspectives and Snapchat is making it possible for everyone to see yours.

This is the game changer I was expecting to see and I can’t wait to see how it shapes the industry. And if you see a “Facebook Frames” you heard it here first…- Mr PIA

This is not simply a piece of software but a tool for disruption. Who else can’t wait for Snaps IPO? …

Mr PIA 💥🔑

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