“if we put this dish on the menu this is now a Thomas Keller dish, and you will never be able to do it again are you ok with that?” said head Chef of the French Laundry

Arrogantly grant laughs and says plenty of more ideas where that came from let’s put it on the menu.

These are the words spoken from Chef Grant Achatz head Chef at Alinea one of the best restaurants in the world

after creating a masterful dish and giving it away.

“What can you keep doing whats new that people will like? will you destroy your restaurant or your business in the Pursuit of creating something new”

Why fix something that’s not broken?Because it our obligation

Can we eliminate what we have been doing for the last 10 years and start over?

And the answer is Yes.


have the confidence to know that the art you create is inherent to your journey

much that giving it away is not losing it

but rather forging the opportunity to begin again.

A life where raw talent evolves matures into a cocktail of experience and grit

Allows the door of opportunity to raise the stakes

The impact to be greater

The stage to be grander

Self expression is the goal.no.

Self expression at scale is the goal.