It’s your duty to create opportunity!

By Jordan J. Presley (Founder) | Redesigned Thinking

I was on the highway heading back home from college yesterday because I moved out of my apartment. I had a car full of clothes and supplies packed in my truck ready to be unloaded. Once I made it back to my hometown I noticed that I didn’t have any gas. Usually I would wait until I got closer to home but something told me to get gas as soon as possible. I pulled over into the first gas station I seen and began to pump my gas. All of a sudden I looked up from pumping gas and I noticed a familiar face.

It was a child hood friend of mine sitting in front of the gas station asking people for spare change. I couldn’t believe my eyes he looked like a homeless man. He finally looked at me and asked me for any spare change. I told him to come over and I’ll take care of him. He didn’t notice who I was at first but as he got closer his facial expressions began to change. The look on his face told a story of immense shame. I didn’t want to make things awkward for him so I tried to have normal conversations. After we talked for a bit I took him into the gas station and told him to grab whatever he needs. He was very appreciative and thanked me.

After he got the goods he needed we went back outside. Now I wanted to spark some new dialogue because I was curious to how this happen. Just not to long ago we were riding bikes together throughout our neighborhood. The first thing I asked was where is his mother or father? He explained to me that his mother passed away and his father wasn’t around either. He also told me he wasn’t able to get a job for so long because he didn’t have an ID and the clothes on his back were all he had to his name.

Now I’m a solutions guy and him telling me that his mother and father weren’t around made me realize that he didn’t have the same support system I had. Also with the clothes he had on he was never going to be able to get a job because of how bad they looked. My first thought was well I have a truck full of clothes from me moving out of my apartment, how about I give him some of mine.

I began to pop the trunk of my truck and hand him a bag full of my clothes. In that bag I make sure he had some nice dress pants, shirts and shoes for the next time he applied for a Job. I told him to not lose hope because once he does it’s all over from there. I wanted him to know opportunities are everywhere he just has to go and find them.

He appreciated my words of wisdom and my acts of kindness. Hopefully the clothes I provided him with leverage him to get a job to rebuild his life. I tell you this story because I feel it’s everyone’s duty to create opportunities for others when they can. If we as a society begin to pay it forward to others in need we can really begin to redesign our culture. I could have easily given my old friend a $5 bill but what would have changed? Instead I wanted to help create an opportunity for him that could really impact his life. Next time you see someone in need think opportunities and solutions. Don’t take the easy way out by just giving handouts.

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