Passion Drives Success

By Jordan J. Presley (Founder) | Redesigned Thinking

Passion to me is the driving force of what creates success. Without passion it’s almost impossible to create anything great. Mediocrity is the most common thing on earth. It takes little to no effort to be mediocre. Greatness comes from the ones with the burning hearts. The ones who’s hearts are on fire have what it takes to weather the storms. It’s the ones with the burning hearts that show life who’s boss. I now look at life from almost a war perspective.

Everyday we are at war with principalities and forces that want to see us lose. When you understand that you will start to wake up everyday ready for battle. Some days will be harder then others and you will want to quit. The difference between the quitters and the winners is passion. The quitters are missing something inside that makes them fight for what they believe in. A lot of people actually initially have passion but it’s easy to let life get the best of you.

Life will send many enemies your way to knock you off your path. These enemies will come in many different formats. If you surround yourself by these enemies they can steal your passion. Anything or anyone that don’t line up with your success take away from it. For that reason you must be cautious of who and what you surround yourself with.

Keeping your fire alive is a everyday battle with yourself. You must fight for yourself and your passion so that you can reach your destination. I’ve seen so many people that had alot of potential fall short because of lack of passion and desire. Don’t be another victim of lost of passion. Do whatever you have to do to keep that fire burning. Find out what fuels you and feed off of its energy.

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