Bitcoin is Being Hot-Wired for Settlement
Jeff Garzik

“Bitcoin is not an academic science project. Stalling on hard questions produces tangible market changes.”

This quote, Magnificent.

And you’ve highlighted it. Truly gifted.

— “Check this out.. that’s right I really am this stupid!”

Y? I tell u y..

  1. It presents, as general self-evident common knowledge, that changes within an undefinable metaphysical concept (the market) are tangible, whereas advances in science can’t really have any noticeable impact on the real world and can be safely disregarded as unimportant. A bit like the A-bomb. Or Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin pretty much is an academic science project.
  3. I can feel your frustration towards all of us intellectual creative types. How we don’t answer hard questions because we just don’t want to. How we keep working on something that’s ‘basically finished’. I’ve been in a million meetings listening to some fathead like you repeatedly ask the same engineer the same question. He answered him truthfully the first time, but fat heads don’t like reality. So they keep asking until they find someone who’ll pretend that pigs will fly for them.

Bitcoin spells your end. It is a system where administration is unnecessary. Where arguments and politics will fade away because you can’t put a spin on hashes. A future where parasites have nowhere to hide and nobody to whip.

Why should any of these guys give 2 craps about you idiots acting like they have a responsibility. They don’t! They just wrote a piece of software that actually works. Probably because there wasn’t any fatheads around asking them stuff like “Why isn’t this clock purple?”

What Satoshi says, what the devs say, what I say.. is deal with it. The price will go up until it’s too high and then it will come down. Then it will go back up. You see the pattern here? Try hard, fathead, you can do it!

Why is it high? You don’t HAVE to get your crap confirmed in 20mins do you? Couldn’t you have done it days ago? Who do you know that spends BTC at the drop of a hat?? errr, oh yea, nobody!

OMG alts takin like 45% of the market! Yeah, so? That’s kinda how it should be, surely?

But.. yeah, man… they went MASSIVE! Didn’t you err get in on that then, no?

Cos, like, LTC was pretty much invented for this you know…

You didn’t know?

Ahh, sorry I forget about the whole market being more important than science thing.

So basically, you pissed off cos you bought at the top cos you didn’t believe and then sold at the bottom cos you didn’t believe. Don’t worry, we’ll get you again in November.

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