Hassan Akkad.

It was a bold move today by Boris and I’m over the moon. There’s a video going around from Hassan Akkad today that I’m sure most of you will have seen by now, his reaction says it all. It’s people like him, who just want to feel valued for taking a huge risk to protect their new home, that need to know that their contribution means something. Today’s decision and his reaction really did say it all.

It seems like some real momentum is building as far as test, track and trace goes, and the antibody tests on the NHS will hopefully help to figure out just how many people have been infected so far. They’ll provide a little clarity for people who believe they’ve been infected and couldn’t get tested at the time. It’s another tool and if it offers more data, it’s another good step forward.

I really hope that there’s a real push over the next couple of weeks to make sure the tracking and tracing system is ramped up and working well. It’s all well and good having it in place, making sure all of the moving parts work well together is vital. The UK can’t afford to mess this up.

It’s an upbeat and optimistic day today and there’s the added bonus that next week I might be able to get out with the camera for a little while. I just hope the public behave themselves until then.

Just wanted to leave a wee update since I’ve been pretty miserable in recent days.

I hope you’re all taking good care of your own physical and mental health, these are tough times for us all.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and take care of each other.


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