Why are we worshiping at the cult of hustle?
Jay Baer

Personally I think hustle and hard work are two different concepts. You can work your ass off and get nowhere. I think most people work hard but very few make smart decisions and work out ways to beat the system by taking novel appraoches to challenges. Hustle, for me, is about working out what would really make the change you desire, that is deemed to be out of reach, and then working out how to make that happen. Another way to look at it is the stuff that isn’t in your job description, stuff you do because it gives you the edge. I think you’re right that Gary Vee often uses hustle as, ‘how hard are you working and how much do you want it.’ That approach probably comes from his love of sport, where hustle refers to the players who are relentless and don’t give up. In a business content, it’s the same result, you get the ball so to say, but you do it through creative means.

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