3 Blockchain Stocks To Add To Your Watchlist

The global blockchain market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 79.6% to $7.68 billion by 2022. As an investor, you may be asking yourself, what or who is responsible for this rapid growth? The answer to that is simple. Blockchain technology has gained more popularity and interest as these large financial institutions as well as tech giants back the tech.

We are seeing more companies around the globe are incorporate blockchain technology into their business models from the significant increase of filed blockchain patents. According to the Bitcoin Patent Report, more than 1,250 cryptocurrency-related patents were filed in 2017, an increase of over 110% from just under 600 patents the year prior. The increase in patent filings demonstrates an exceptional level of interest in blockchain technology and the forecast for its future is what is really luring investors into the space.

Here are a few traditional blockchain companies to consider that have a focus in the financial services industry.

Block One Capital (BKPPF) (BLOK.V)

Market Cap: $30.49M

Block One is an investment company which is focused on high growth opportunities in the blockchain sector. Block One’s investments include 40% interest in Finzat, which is developing a blockchain system to streamline and digitize the U.S residential mortgage process, a real opportunity. Recent discussions with a Housing Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) have highlighted opportunities for Finzat to design blockchain application prototypes within the next few months.

Block One’s other investments include Cuipo, through a patented virtual grid and tokenization method is creating technology to protect endangered land in both Central and South America, a $750,000 investment into the private presale in the Shopin ICO which received a 66% bonus, and most recently the sale of 90% of its position of its mining operation, TG12 Ventures, in exchange for 8.9 million shares of HashChain Technology (HSSHF).

For More Information: http://valueinvestor.com/2018/05/11/block-one-capital-bkppf-blok-v-conference-call/

Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (SSC)

Market Cap: $179.738M

Seven Stars goal is to become the next generation AI and blockchain-powered Fintech company and is developing the first AI+Blockchain Asset-Backed Securitization & Tokenization (ABST) Exchange Platform. The Platform focuses on real asset-backed securitization from commodity, currency and credit markets with the goal of providing a seamless method and platform for digital asset securitization, tokenization, and trading.

Seven Stars announced that private and pre-sales of its Digital Oil Asset Index (DOAI) tokens began on May 18, 2018 and will continue until the end of June with public sales enduring through September.

For more information: http://www.sevenstarscloud.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=176144&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2350470

Marathon Patent Group (MARA)

Market Cap: 24.45M

Marathon’s name is pretty to the point, the company acquires patents. This is not the purest blockchain stock on the list but deserves to be in the space. Marathon’s acquisition of GBV in November 2017 led it into the blockchain/crypto space and the company began new business involving the blockchain ecosystem and generation of digital assets or mining. Also, back in January, the company announced that it has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire four patents related to the transmission and exchange of cryptocurrencies between buyers and sellers. As of March, the company’s Quebec facility has begun mining bitcoin with the capability to mine other digital assets as well.

For more information: https://www.marathonpg.com/news/press-releases/detail/1175/marathon-announces-facility-in-quebec-has-commenced-bitcoin

Top U.S Blockchain Patent Owners:

1. Bank of America (BAC) 43

2. Microsoft (MSFT) 40

3. IBM (IBM) 27

4. Mastercard (MA) 27

5. Fidelity (FFIDX) 14

6. TD Bank (TD) 11

7. Google (GOOG) 9

8. Accenture (CAN) 9

9. Hewlett-Packard (HPE) 8

10. Dell (DVMT) 8

11. Visa (V) 7

12. American Express (AXP) 6

The financial services industry holds the second largest percentage, only behind blockchain specific companies, of blockchain patents at 20 percent, ahead of technology firms at 13 percent. Even the Nasdaq and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange own patents in the space, which speaks for itself. The companies listed above could be a good investment for those looking to get into the space, yet keep in mind that they are not considered pure plays in the space.

Focus for Investors

With the increasing demand for simplified business processes throughout different industries, blockchain technology is at the forefront of the upcoming tech revolution. Well-known businesses are incorporating this technology, with the majority being in the financial sector and tech sectors.

All three of the companies mentioned above have stock prices that are inexpensive compared to some of the other household names, and with the industry expected to take off soon, it leaves more room for potential upside.

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