Every men are mere victims of their past” is a great quote from a noble literate , which still stands apt and tall in this digital era. If you don’t get me, try opening your face book and look into its search history or note the pop-ups popping on the browser window. Yes , our browsers and even your social media’s AI interface does know your preferences and have customised the data and presented you with a visual treat . “Preferences” Are they still yours ? , is not much of a question as you are always free to move away . But was it an act of free will or because one had enough . If we dare to go a bit deeper , are we drifted towards our interest or towards what is available within the boundaries of respective social network . And what’s more indigestible is that whether what they have, is what we want . It is very clear that no social media can have every-thing . Not even a browser can link to everything . Why is my wall still posted with past news on Intolerance in India and terror attacks even though I have left it far behind . Why am I dragged back to my past ideologies even though I have undertaken many refined ideologies and preferences . Why am I not able to explore fertile soil of internet . Why am I missing updates from my favourites . Why world looks shrunk .

The answer is simple and smiles at us ,” Because we oath to”. Yes the present social media providers have grown over the roof , Instead of becoming shade to the developer & user class , they have started manipulating us .

So the real question is “what are we” for a social media provider, are we just an Information account . Why is our rights violated . Why is our quest and thinking narrowed by the social media preferences .

They are shaking the fundamentals of web industry which was based on knowledge , creativity , services ; sharing , generating and providing respectively . The Frame work of web to be unanimous , ubiquitous , broad and Open is reducing to customised authoritative capitalistic domain .

Why suddenly the social networks are becoming such a threat , one may wonder . The reason is statistical .

According to data from Shareaholic, the percentage of website visits from social networks has risen from around 11% in 2011 to just over 30%. In the same time period, traffic from search has fallen from well over 40% to just under 30%.

The biggest shift has been with Facebook. In 2011, Facebook was responsible for 6.53% of all website referrals. Last year, Facebook drove 24.63% of them — just under a quarter of all website visits.

Facebook has more than 1.4 billion monthly users, According to Digital Marketing Ramblings — that means that 72% of adults who use the Internet visit the site at least once a month. 936 million of them, or 65% of Internet using adults, use Facebook daily. It’s the second most visited site globally, just behind Google. These are serious numbers.

Facebook’s mobile stats are also impressive. More than 1.2 billion people use the app monthly. Two thirds of them use the app daily. 581 million, or 30% of Facebook users, only login from a mobile device. And every user is information centre indeed , and information is money ., thereby building a Billion dollar business.

Google, for the most part, helps you find out what’s on other sites. Facebook and other social networks of this genre isn’t content to do that: they’re looking to capitalise on the increasing amount of time people spend using their service by working with publishers to embed content directly into the newsfeed. More time on Facebook means more ad revenue.

Is it such a great phenomenon to address ? From a user point of you the loss will be restricted to loss of free will as we know it , more driven than analytical , limited sources , limited paid transaction portals , limited access etc . But for the Developer class it’s the greatest disaster which can ever happen . Their creativity will not be acknowledged , difference of views will not be shared , hindrance at every stage of sophistication .

What will be its future . A complete annihilation of Openness and neutrality . Not only we must have to provide information , but also may have to pay for using social networks and their utilities .

Are we ready for this change or can we make a difference . Do we have a choice .The choice was always there . We choose to register into these social networks , we are reason for the fall of orkut and the rise of Facebook . We have followed them from their birth to every stages of growth . We prepared it for the opportunities ahead . But today with the launch of internet .org like genre it has compromised its purpose . It has gone rogue and before it corrupts the entire framework of internet we need to rise up .

We have to bring Open web back to glory . We need to adhere Net neutrality to its ethnic sense . Our most viable solution is to bring in better Content aggregators and make the Social network giants realise that the web cannot be contained its evolving faster than the expansion of the universe . Yes it will be Goliath vs David , but we are sure of victory because we have faith in its “Purpose” .

If you don’t want tobe victims of your future internet architecture “ Join us @

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