How To Overcome Any Obstacle In Life

This post is all about overcoming obstacles in your life with 3 simple steps. Inspired by Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle Is The Way. Would highly recommend everyone to read!

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Step #1) Perception

In every situation, we must try:

  • To be objective
  • To control emotions
  • To choose to see the good in a situation
  • To steady our nerves
  • To ignore what disturbs or limits others
  • To place things in perspective
  • To revert to the present moment
  • To focus on what can be controlled.

Step #2) Action

Greet your obstacles:

  • With energy
  • with persistence
  • with a coherent and deliberate process
  • with iteration and resilience
  • with pragmatism
  • with strategic vision
  • with craftiness and savvy
  • and an eye for opportunity

Step #3) Will

In every situation, we can

  • Always prepare ourselves for more difficult times.
  • Always accept what we’re unable to change.
  • Always manage our expectations
  • Always persevere
  • Always learn to love our fate and what happens to us.
  • Always protect our inner self, retreat into ourselves.
  • Always submit to a greater, larger cause.
  • Always remind ourselves of our own mortality

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Originally published at on June 14, 2015.