[Ultimate Internship Guide] How To Land An Internship Even When You Have No Idea Where To Start

Welcome! This detailed guide will provide advanced strategies and take you step by step on how to land an internship… even if you have no idea on where to start! This is ideal for you if:

  • You are a motivated high school or college student
  • You want to advance your life and your professional career
  • You want to gain experience in the field that you’re interested in
  • You want to impress recruiters and get hired for your dream internship

This is not ideal for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick and easy way to be successful
  • You are a person who loves sucking up information but never takes action

Who am I and why am I writing this guide? My name is Tam and I’m a normal dude from San Jose, California. My life has seriously changed for the better when I did internships in college.

I went from being a lost & confused freshman into a man (mom thinks that’s debatable) that finally has an idea on what he really want to do in life. With internships, I’ve gained so many different skills, was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone, and made some awesome connections along the way.

I also had many failures. For example, I never heard back from 50+ companies when applying to internships, got rejected after bombing countless job interviews, and even forgot my name while I was introducing myself to an employer at a job fair.

Not fun.

I had to learn the hard way on how to land internships and now that I’ve been around the block a fair amount of time, it is now my turn to help YOU be more successful than me.

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Now that we have the corny stuff out of the way, let’s dive in.

Level 1: Are You Ready?

  • The Reality of Today’s Workforce
  • What An Internship Is & Why They’re Important
  • How Internships Work
  • Paid vs Unpaid Internships
  • Internship Benefits & Perks

Level 2: Choose Yourself

  • How to Focus on What You Really Want
  • Discovering Your Passion & Dreams
  • Career Exploration Through Online Research
  • What Informational Interviews Are & Why You Need To Do Them
  • Mock Interview w/ Detailed Explanations

Level 3: Prepare Your Weapons

  • How to Create A Resume in Under 15 Minutes
  • 20+ Resume Cheat Sheet Questions
  • Importance of Having an Online Presence
  • Cleaning Up Your Social Media
  • Advanced Tactics on How to Make Employers Desperate To Hire You

Level 4: Search For Treasures

  • 10 Different Ways To Find Your Dream Internship
  • How to Determine the Best Path for You
  • Word-for-Word Email Scripts on What You Should Say
  • All the Resources You Need to Help Your Search.

Level 5: Win A Battle

  • How To Win Your Interview… Before Your Interview
  • Why Memorizing Interview Answers is Stupid and What To Do Instead
  • How to Properly Prepare Before You Meet The Recruiter

Level 6: Prepare For War

  • How To Dress & Everything You Need To Bring
  • Advanced Tips on How to Mentally Prepare Before the Interview (Like Watching Standup Comedy)
  • And Why You Should Forget All the Body Language Tips You Know

Level 7: Own It

  • Exactly How To Act Once You’re Inside
  • Why You Should Never Touch Your Phone
  • How To Properly Leave A Memorable Impression

Level 8: Finishing Touches

  • Email vs Hand-Written Letters (Guess which wins)
  • How Many Thank You Letters To Send? To Whom?
  • Word-for-Word Scripts To Send & Get The Job Done

Level 9: Glory

  • Which Company You Really Should Work For
  • What To Say To the Other Companies You’ve Interviewed With
  • Next Steps: Preparing For The Future

Bonus Level: Tech

  • How To Search For Tech Internships
  • Know Exactly How To Answer Questions In Tech Interviews
  • Resources & Articles That Will Boost Your Chances of Success

— —

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