Because Ripple is a payment network first and foremost, XRP will be used to make the network as healthy as possible, which will most likely mean managing liquidity with XRP.
What is Ripple?
Tiffany Hayden

That’s a very vague statement from somebody who is explaining what Ripple is.

  • “Most likely” means there’s no use to $XRP itself rather than probably (maybe) a means of exchange between currencies?
  • Is there a difference between 1 XRP worth $10 or $0.000001?
  • Unsophisticated investors buying $XRP in spades (before it crashed) did that because of FOMO or they took the time to understand the tech (6 months)?
  • Why is the resulting price praised as the acknowledgement of $XRP somehow being superior technology?
  • If there were issued (pre-mined) 100Trln $XRP, and the “market cap” would be 1,000 times bigger, would Ripple be 1,000 times better?

Would love an answer to every single of those questions please.

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