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I’m Tom. I work as an Email Developer at TWO. This is a series where I’ll share with you my email mock-ups and concepts of emails that I think could do with a little tweaking or enhancement to make the most of their content.

The initial concept

The thought process behind this was to create a concept for a replacement of the current ODEON Cinemail newsletter that goes out every Friday.

ODEON Cinemail currently shows you information for every film and every showing of those films, for the following week. It’s contains A LOT of information, so I thought I could perhaps have a crack at simplifying it.

I thought it would be better to prioritize the promotion of the films that are on show, as opposed to overloading the user with information about all of the showings.

Check out an example of the current ODEON Cinemail here

I designed this concept myself:

There have been a few tweaks following the initial design, but the core concept is the same:

  • Select a genre
  • View the latest films that are showing currently, with a synopsis and link to the trailer (for the biggest release at the time only)
  • Simple call-to-action to book tickets

Link to the full email is here, Litmus previews are here.

The build itself and considerations

I wanted this email to be interactive from the start, however I didn’t want people who wouldn’t get the interactive version to have a poor experience either.

I used a relatively simple implementation of the checkbox hack for the film selector and used a variety of fallback techniques for older versions of Outlook, Gmail, OWA (Outlook Web App) and Yahoo.

Ways it could be taken further using personalisation and dynamic content

This could be a really interesting campaign (from a technical point of view).

Personalised inbox preview text or subject line could be used

So this could be an email tailored for people that live near, or visit the ODEON in Epsom. By including a small bit of information about how many tickets/seats are left for the next showing (the next showing being the one closest to the time of email delivery), the email becomes a lot more personal.

Emails that inspired this concept

In this case there was only one email that inspired me to create this and that was this Channel 4 email (best viewed in Chrome on desktop), built by Matt Slaymaker.

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