Thinking out-loud with my voice

This one time, I came into work early on a Monday morning. I hate early on a Monday morning so I was pretty much going through the motions and wishing it was still Sunday and I could be wrapped up in my duvet.

Other people arrived. I hate other people early on any morning so I was doing my best to acknowledge people without engaging in actual conversation.
Opposite me sat Cath who looked like I felt and she smiled and sat down and I made something like a smile with my mouth and then gave up.

Next came Rita who was far too chatty for early on a Monday morning. She grimaced at me and sat nearby. Then she spotted Cath and said, “Morning Cath! How was you weekend?”

“Not bad.” Said Cath. “But I lost my Granny on Saturday night.”
And a voice which might have been me said, “That was careless of you. But I bet she’ll turn up in the last you look.”

I don’t remember saying it, but it does sound like something I’d think.

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