This one time, I was having a bag of Monster Munch. Not the new, almost Monster Munch, they have now. That awful, new fangled, Monster Munch Lite. No. This was proper old-school Monster Munch. The kind that might bite you back.

You knew you were eating a crisp when you were eating the old Monster Munch. And they were as tasty as ever.




I finished the snacky goodness and had licked my fingers clean and I was straightening out the bag and giving it a jiggle so I could pour the crumbs into my mouth. But there was something else in the bag.

Something heavy.

I looked inside the bag and there, tucked into the corner was a nugget.

A nugget of pure beef flavour.

A nugget as big as my thumbnail of purest, old-school, Monster Munch beef flavour.

It was the greatest day of my life.

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