Hey there Dads. How you doing? I’m waiting for my plane to get to the airport and then I’ll be flying out to Denver to see family and gander at the mountains. Rocky Mountain high.

While I sit and watch people walk by, heading to and from their planes, I’m wondering whom among them are dads. Him? He has grey hair and looks the part. No kids around him though.

My boys are growing up quick. At twelve and fourteen years old, I’m amazed at how quick it all seems to have gone. Not so ten years ago. I felt like I was drowning as a stay at home dad. Diappers, toys, soothing egos, and all the while wondering when the hell it was all going to end.

Ten years goes quickly. Especially when you’re busy raising kids and trying to make a life for you and your family. Work and cleaning, school and friends, lunches and more cleaning.

I’m jumping on this plane, so I gotta go. But before I go I’d like to ask you Dads, is time appearing to stand still for you right now, or is it going quickly? Summer in the northern hemisphere is fading quickly, and it all reminds me of how quick this life, the seasons go by. Maybe we do need to slow down and smell the roses, I mean, drink a beer.

Be well!