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Here’s the deal. When it comes to historical placement, analytics can jump out of the bus. It’s all narrative, story, and impact.

At this point…the “point god” narrative is old and dead. At some “point” it’s win or go home. It’s go big or go home. There is a gravitas and swagger that matter. Kobe had it. Magic had it. Stars have it. CP3 does not have it.

Tony Parker is a winner. He has it. Rondo is a stud. He has it……

I’m not giving CP3 anything. Game 7 that fool should have put up 50 or died trying. If he is the “point god” then he should have been able to lob to DeAndre all night and finished when he couldn’t lob.

First ballot hall of famer? What a joke. In the end you need to win. Maybe it is a bit arbitrary…maybe there is some luck involved, but welcome to life.

And really…..Cousy? How fully of crap is Bill now. Bob effin’ Cousy????? Dude……I hope that was clickbait/fakenews…..because if you really are putting BOB COUSY in your top five you are a white privilege homer hack.

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