Day Two of Final Year

Today was more of a come in, get work done on your own and oh there is a short lecture on if you want to attend. The lecture was just keeping people up todate with things happening in the digital world, it is called the...

The News

Firstly one todays program was Apple and the dam notch.

I am not going to lie I couldn’t care about Apple in the slightest (Sorry apple fans). I have never really for there products when there are better ones for the price around in my opinion.

The notch is two things. Firstly it is pleasing to the eye, but once you use an app it turns into black hole were content good ideas go to die. More importantly it is wrong. It’s wrong in the sense that apple have now started to change the standards of design with this “update” to the series.

When this is what you get when going onto your favourite website, two white lines at each side of it. When you go onto your favourite game the notch takes a chunk out of it.

White Bars are here to stay

We now have to design inside the Safe Zone. Which you can see below and this is what causes the white stripes on webpages. Though Apple are sticking by their decision and will not hide it.

Stay in The Safe Area

Screw you Bodega

Two ex-google employees are kill the little man and women that have been on the corners of streets before time some say. Bodega is a startup that is aiming to put vending machines called Bodegas in apartment buildings, universities and so on. I would have all the main things that you would need. I wont work though

It wont work because who the hell would want to buy some overpriced bag of crisps when they could walk to the corner of their street. I know if it was me I wouldn’t even use it ten times a year at that. I would only use it, if I really need something that moment which rarely happens. How would the thing be restocked, what's the prices of things.

A cool feature is that the Bodega will me learn what to stock and what not to. So it can target the people that use it more. I still wouldn’t use it though.

Marvel Handoff

Marvel is a prototyping software, that I haven’t used but it does look quite impressive. That will change quickly though as I need to start prototyping ideas soon.

Just recently Marvel has introduced the Handoff feature that allows designers to generate code straight from the design. We haven't seen work yet and still havent. Well it works but not that well. There are nice features that come with this update. You can save assets right from the file which is nice. While also getting measurements, spacing etc of the assets, which will be helpful for a developer.

Signing of.

That was it for the short lecture today, short and sweet. I have stayed in thought more about Digital Nomad and wrote this blog post. I might even put up another one later on..

Thanks for reading.

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