I Love You, But Fuck You…

I’ve been finding it very difficult to “love thy neighbor” lately, and for good reason, because if you take a real good look at history of this country, you’ll see that my neighbors could give a fuck less about my well being, and that was made abundantly clear with Trump’s won the presidency. Now I’m in no way, shape, or form a religious man, nor do I plan to be, but that line has always struck a chord with me. My grandma said variations of “love thy neighbor” during her lifetime, and I try my best to do so, but the American people make it so fucking hard to love them!

How can I love someone who sees me as nothing more than a nigger? A faggot? How can someone who never took the time to get to know me and proclaim me and my people to be dumb as lazy? How in the fuck can I love them? My grandma would probably tell me to turn the other cheek, and I can’t help but ask why knowing what she endured….knowing what many black women, men, and children were forced to endure before my arrival. Given the climate we were tossed into head first, asking me to “turn the other cheek” might get you laughed at. Could you blame me?

Look up Larnell Bruce. He was killed by White Supremacists last month in Oregon. Read up on the various threats and insults Hispanics, Muslims, and LGTBQ people have received since Trump’s win. Go look up the racist spray painting in South Philly, swastikas and all. Talk to black women, men, and children who’ve been told to get in the back of the bus (in fucking 2016) or to prepare to get shipped back to Africa, or better yet, go have a conversation with immigrants who face deportation thanks in part to Trump’s future immigration laws should our government decide to increase its stupidity and pass these laws. Do that, and then ask me to turn the other cheek.

I see people complaining about the protests that erupted over the weekend. Some believe that it’s a disgrace to our country, or that it’s pointless, or even worse, they think that we should get over it because America made its choice. Tell that to the people who marched for civil rights, or those who marched to protest the damage George W. Bush brought upon us for eight years, or to bring attention to the countless amount of black lives we lost before and many more after Treyvon Martin. Tell them to their face that what they did, and continue to do, is pointless. Go ahead…..I’ll wait.

I’ll tell you what…I’ll do my best to show America the same respect it has shown me since my birth, and the same love and respect my people got since the first day of America’s formation….but I’ll do it my way…….


To the 58% of white people, 8% of black people and 29% of hispanic / latino & Asian people who voted for Trump….

To those who say, based on their support for Donald Trump, that we shouldn't remove friends’ family, colleagues, etc from our lives….

To anyone who says that we should come together as one, accept that he’s our president, not to protest, and that if we have no right to complain if we didn’t bother to vote…….

To those who blatantly turned a blind eye to voter disenfranchisement….

To the people who laughed at us when we marched for Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and countless others….

To those who keep putting the pressure on us, even when we say we can’t breathe…

To the people who gave me shit about raising the minimum wage, brought up “black on black crime”, and god knows what else while turning a blind eye to the causer of all of this, INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM…..

To those who wear safety pins, but won’t fight for the oppressed….

To the purveyors of White Feminism…..

To the countless Americans who trashed The Obamas, but have the audacity to view The Trump Clan as “classy”….

To those who view minorities as a threat….

To Mike Pence and his views on women’s rights and LGTBQ rights…

And to anyone else I forgot to mention above…..

I love you, and I’ll continue to respect you as fellow human beings, but also, Fuck You.

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