Transportation and Trucking, My Experience.

It’s been a great time in the Tucking biz…. I send fright, recieve frieght, mostly by trucking ut I also have rail and sea accounts as well. I always work with my contacts to make the best amount of business… and timely account payables. This is key, but how do I and we in this business ensure proper delivery and timelines in trnasportation?

Very simple. I use my friends Trucking & Transportation Division

Alexander Miller and Associates , this group has been a life saver for me. What do I do with my accounts that are late and not paying? Simple, AMA specializes in commercial debt recovery as well as investigations that will tell me what is going on with my account? They have been in business since 2009. They have certified fraud examiners, private investigators that are licenced last but not least…..collectors who can work on all my commercial accounts. They are at the top of the pack in the commercial collection space in North America . They have many many MANY years of experience in trans commercial collections , AM & A is there through thick and thin, They use the best technology to increase my revenue and get my accounts paying again.

Its good to have them as the help i need to get everything moving again?

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