365 Days under President M. Buhahi

It was a Wednesday morning, around 10:15 am most likely. Here I was, sitting at an outdoor hospital waiting room holding my 2nd bottle of water in 20 minutes. The doctor had told me to be back by 11am were by then i’ll most likely feel pressed so he could finally finish my test. I’ve been in the hospital since 9am undergoing rigorous types of scans thanks to Dr Njoku (a man whose story is best saved for another day) just so I could get a proper diagnosis for the pain i felt at my lower region.

As I went through my timeline on twitter on my phone while sipping my water, I noticed some murmuring behind me. The Tv was stationed on NTA and a programme was on going discussing about the president advising Nigerians to cultivate entrepreneurship skills and all that. Suddenly the murmuring turned to a full on discussion; some men few seats away from me where discussing about the presidents advice. (at least that’s what I thought at first )

I noticed One of them talking to two other men sitting together ssying “This man nawa o ! How him go advise person to work when light no dey, money no dey, person never see food to chop and you wan make we work, abeg make him go sit down!” He continued nagging saying “ This buhari no even Sabi anything” still talking to the men who appeared interested. I expected the respond from the other listeners to be an acknowledgement of the fact that Mr President was clueless( because frankly this was the major opinion of citizens) But, behold, these men started attacking the other man. They accused him of insulting Buhari because he was hausa.

What started as a normal civilised conversation about the state of the economy turned it a tribal conflict of opinions. It was the intervention of a nurse who came and reminded them that they were actually at a hospital so they needed to behave themselves. The way the men attacked the supposed Igbo man accusing him of being tribalistic towards the president, one would think they knew each other from way back. However, the only thing those men didn’t realise was that the man who was insulting Mr President was actually Hausa. He looked like an Igbo man, but as soon as they accused him of being tribalistic he started insulting them in Hausa to their surprise. Calling them unrealistic liars.

Now, it’s been over a year since Nigeria has been under the governance of the famous CHANGE administration. No one can deny the fact that the 2015 general elections spear headed by the MVP of elections, Prof A. Jega was and is by far the most, analysed, nerve racking, scrutinised elections in Nigeria.

Not only for the first time in a while an election united Nigerians irrespective of tribe, it also gave all a sense of hope of a new beginning, an ERA OF CHANGE as promised.

How we thought something was about to change, how we thought there was now a breath of fresh air, Oh! how we thought better days had come. Mehn, were we wrong. Only if we knew this was just the beginning of a very tough 365 days for us. Only if we knew CHANGE had really come not for good, not for better, not for best, rather for the worst.

“To be continued …….