Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila
Admission: PHP100
Tapas Exhibit

This is the Tapas Design for Food section. It shows the materials used for cooking and for eating in the old times and in the present. The kitchenware has totally evolved. Lots of innovations and inventions will be seen here.

This is a new version of the “leg ham holder”. Compared to the old version, this one has improved in terms of Aesthetics and function (this one is foldable)
The Old version of the leg ham holder

Karitela ng Panghimagas / Dessert Cart

This cart has totally evolved in terms of design. This dessert cart aims to rescue the former from the disuse of dessert carts in the contemporary kitchen.

These are flasks, pitchers, and plates in their newest forms.
I find this interesting. A pan / flat pot that formed small and big circles.
Other side of the Bodegones Exhibit
Still Life I by Ephraim Samson. The artist painted a seafoods — his main reason maybe is to tell that these are the usual things an ordinary Filipino eats.
Hinog Sa Puno by Gabriel Cutodio. Probably it is harvest season already and Custodio thought of, why not paint a picture of bananas and coconuts. One reason also why he painted this picture is because these are the top fruits that Philippines export, since it is harvest season.
Still Life with Fruits on Table by Isidro Ancheta. This photo is painted in 1929. It shows only that even in the early years, Filipinos would love to take picture of food.

My questions for BODEGONES section are, how come most of the titles of the artworks are “still life on / with”. They could have thought of other catchy titles right? Or is it because there’s a competition that they joined?

Now let’s go to the Philippine Contemporary: To Scale the Past and the Present

This is the only photo I had in this section because according to the personnel, it is not allowed to take pictures upstairs.

1st artwork: Venus by Guillermo Tolentino — this is a very beautiful piece. Before I thought that artworks are just paintings. But after looking at his work, even sculptures are works of art. It was very detailed as if it is has life.

2nd artwork: the wall with cockroaches — I realized that art has no limit. As long as you can imagine and look at things in a different perspective and say, “It is beautiful” then it is an art. Who would have thought that cockroaches crawling in the floor can be considered an art? This proves also that Filipinos are really creative to have thought of such things.

3rd artwork: I forgot the title, but once you enter the Phil Contemporary section, you’ll see this guy wearing green in the painting, it is as if he looking for something. As art evolves, artists tried looking for new forms and ideas on how they can improve, innovate, and evolve art. When you look at the Phil Contemporary section, it involves different forms and elements. Paintings are not just ordinary paintings, some incorporated other forms to make it look extraordinary.


Of course in terms of size, Metro Museum is a lot smaller and contains fewer artworks. National Museum I can say talks more on the history side. Metropolitan Museum talks more on the lifestyle of people, how it changed and evolved.

Too bad the gold and pottery section is under renovation. To be honest I did not really appreciate the artworks here compared to national museum. I don’t know maybe it is just me but I find it hard to connect to the paintings here compared to the ones in national museum. I find it hard to interpret and relate it to myself.