A golfer’s greatest dilemma?

The magnificent Stoke Park Golf and Country Club clubhouse.

Should you count up your score as you during the round or not? The simple answer is yes if it helps you play better. I’ve often found that my best rounds come when I don’t know my score. Having read a few books on the mental side of golf, some experts suggest that not knowing is best. However, we know that the best players in the world know their score and watch the leaderboard. Should we amateurs do the same?

I was recently invited to take part in the VPAR golf day at the stunning Stoke Park Golf and Country Club by a client of ours, Laura McDonald, Founder and MD of The European Golf Challenge. VPAR is a technology company which has created a golf app, with live leaderboards, GPS and performance tracking. As VPAR assist with 350 golf days in the UK and 1,000 worldwide, they have learned a thing or two about what makes golf days successful and they certainly delivered a great experience for us. The VPAR team were friendly and approachable. They have created a successful business from a simple concept and the company is expanding rapidly. I look forward to following their progress.

The vPar app.

Having an app that you can record your scores in at the end of each hole and review your position within the field made for a much more interesting round. Often, you feel like you are not playing well and can give up because there is no chance of competing for a prize. Not so with the VPAR app. I found that is helped focus my performance and keep our team motivated right to the last hole. As soon as I finished the round and checked my phone, there was a summary of my performance and the scorecard with useful stats. I have to admit, I do love a stat, which is probably why I’ve become semi-addicted to fantasy football.

Competition with friends is what brings us back.

It’s great to play in competitions and have a chance of winning. It’s also great to compete with friends and I had four in the field whose performance I was interested in seeing: Jimmy Joyce from Astound Commerce, Adam Keable from Colt Mackenzie McNair, Sam Oliver from Brocket Hall Golf Club and Jimmy Wallace from Richmond Rugby Club. Jimmy Joyce was in the prizes this time, so it is back to the practice ground for me and the others. I have learned though that it is good fun being able to see where you are in the leaderboard during the round and I am going to keep a closer eye on my score from now.

Mrinal Madina

Director at The Ad Store UK.

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