Finally, the execution of a great business networking event has been mastered.

Business events can be notoriously dull, with endless PowerPoint slides and stale canapés. It was refreshing to be invited to an event on a different level completely with the Alpha Club. If you regularly organise events for clients, employees or partners, you will know getting it right takes meticulous planning and a creative outlook. The Alpha Club, however, proved that the perfect business event is an attainable venture.

I’ve been involved in putting on events for many years and have been lucky to be invited to many as well, so I have seen it done well and not so well. Invited by one of the partners of Corporate Solutions (a business support services firm), Pat Papanicola, my business partner Daniel Blattler and I were invited to lunch at the Roof Gardens in August. Rarely have I come across an organisation who do it as well as the Alpha Club, and this is why:

They pick spectacular venues. The Landmark Hotel, The Rosewood London Hotel, The Roof Gardens, the list goes on. Impressive venues that are quality orientated and provide attentive service are a great first step.

They organise excellent entertainment. From well-known singers, dancers, bands to watching world-class sporting events, the Alpha Club know that to make an event memorable, you need top entertainers. We were treated to four songs by West end star Lauren Samuels, whose performance brought the house down.

They have great incentives on offer at their golf events. Win one of the Alpha Club’s golf events and you’ll spend 5 days in Florida at a 5 star resort. As part of the The John Conteh Golf Classic Series, the Alpha Club enable golfers to take part in playing some top courses around the country, including one of my personal favourites, Woburn Golf Club. Time to get the black book out and find some major bandits (very good golfers with high handicaps) to join my team!

Their senior people come and talk to you. The partners at Corporate Solutions and the organisers of the Alpha Club made themselves known and took time to talk to us newbies.

They focus on fun. We spend so much of our lives at work and if you can work with people you like and once in a while build relationships out of the office, all the better. Whether that is in Las Vegas, New York or the Roof Gardens, I don’t mind one little bit!

Daniel and I felt privileged to attend and hope to build our relationship with Pat and his colleagues at Corporate Solutions and The Alpha Club. They have provided us with ideas for our own networking group, The Felix Club. Now that the “perfect business networking event” has been deemed possible, we look forward to The Alpha Club replicate it in future. We recently reciprocated with an invitation for Pat and his wife to experience a home cooked meal à la my mum and they showed a remarkable and unexpected ability to handle spicy food.

Mrinal Madina

Director, The Ad Store UK.