Shoot for the Moon

Have you ever heard the saying “shoot for the moon”? Of course you have that was a bait question to start the post I know. I admit it. I’m not sorry. I’m still not sorry. Of course you have heard that saying. You might hear some form of it in movies, television shows, the radio, a random death metal song, well no probably not the last one.

When I was a kid I used to think of the logistics of actually shooting at the moon. I remember thinking rather or not any of my dad’s rifles would make it to the moon. I imagined that actually hitting the moon would be similar to Smashing Pumpkins video for Tonight Tonight where the rocket smashes into the moon that appears to be made of cheese. When I think of that saying today I think more along the lines of John Wayne saying it from a horse or Mean Joe Greene with a Coke in his hand.

The truth of the matter is that the saying is actually, well, true. You nerdy science types like myself will be happy to know that this concept is actually recommended by some of the top authorities in negation strategy from some of the top American Universities. In negotiations it is recommended to aim beyond your target, high or low depending if you are selling or buying, because you will inevitably fall off from that goal due to the other person usually fighting to pull you the other direction. By aiming beyond your ideal goal and pushing to that point you will finish with a better result than if you had held your acceptable outcome, or worst case your minimum outcome, in your mind while negotiating.

The same is true with life. If you go through life merely aiming at what you find acceptable and nothing more, you will likely come in off your original target. That’s because life, and the world in general, is trying to pull you to its preferred outcome. Without aiming higher and being pulling back, you might end up with less that you were hoping for.

What do you have that you need to aim higher on? If you’re not sure, find an area of your life where you are comfortable and start there. Being comfortable in your surroundings in one way to know that you aren’t aiming high enough.

So, shoot for the moon kid.