Meet Mac! He’s a black lab who is training to be more than just any other puppy. Mac has lived with me from a young age so we can work on his training to become a guide dog for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Mac: The Puppy with a Purpose

Mac was born at the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Canine Development Center on March 4, 2015. He was bred specifically for his job by two parents that went through the same training as him: Joe and Julia.

His first test was at about 7 weeks old to test his skills and temperament. He didn’t do so well the first time because he was a little timid and nervous, but they gave him another change and he did wonderfully.

He came into my home and became a part of my family. The hardest part was introducing him to my 14 year old Coccerpoo, Butterscotch. Butterscotch has always been an only dog, so it took a long time for him and Mac to learn to live together.

I was so happy that Mac was able to join us for the summer, so we were able to go on so many adventures and I could introduce him to so many new things. One of the most important part of our training is teaching the pups to be confident in their own skin and in new situations. I would take him to playgrounds and to the beach so he can get used to various under-footings. Mac was a very shy pup, so taking him to different places was incredibly necessary to ensure his future as a guide dog.

He is now with me at college and having a whole new set of experiences. He is loving the fall weather of Maine.

Mac is one of the sweetest, smartest pups I know and he is only 7 months old! I have no doubt that he will accomplish great things and change someone’s life some day for the best; he has definitely changed mine.

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