Diversity and timetravel

Take some time to Imagine the following scene: a group of three women at a cafe, in your home town on a winter afternoon. They’ve known each other for a few years andwhere comfortable discussing any topics from The conversation. Now, take a few seconds to seconds to answer to these questions:

Does this group represent diversity?

What if I told you that each one of them were brought up in a different countries? Does that change the answer?

What if their religious views were different?

What if I told that they usually shared points of view and that debate was a rarity when they hanged together? does that change it?

I’m writing this article for the me of a few years ago, to explain to him why diversity is important. These days, “diversity” as a buzzword is passed around by both organizations and the media without actually understanding what it actually means and the impact it can have. And diversity means absolutely nothing if everyone in a group regularly agrees on everything and debate of different perspectives is not welcomed. No ones religion, gender or nationality matters: you don’t have diversity.

Diversity in a organization is important because it creates conflict. Like I said on a previous blog post, for a team to be effective, the ability to solve that conflict by understandingand listening to each’s views is the true value of diversity. An organization benefits because it means professional growth and the variety of ideas will increase the chances of achieving better and greater outcomes.

“Getting to know different cultures and backgrounds introduces you to multiple viewpoints, different ways of getting a job done, and increased flexibility.”

Justin Bariso

Earlier this year, I found this article, which nails why diversity is important: “As you learn more from others, not only do you understand them better, and find it easier to relate… You also grow as a person”

I’ve also written this article for my future self. Sometimes, when I’m feeling stressed, I surprise myself by realizing that I had planted a seed somewhere to surprise myself in the future (by setting a reminder, or remembering that I actually had a plan). In this case, it’s for me to remember: the next time I’m a leadership position make conscious decisions that bring diversity to the organization and foster an environment where those different points of view are welcomed.

And that’s your duty as well. Take some time to think how diversity is fostered in your organization and whether your are seriously doing to embrace it.