Rumours mills in Southall have been in over drive for the last few months, with the religious, social, cultural and political people trying to unravel the mystery of my and my family’s life. While some rumours reaching me have been extremely hilarious, others have been downright obnoxious.

I did not realise I was such a celebrity and that people in London too had all the time in the universe only to figure out why I left my family for India. In simple terms, it’s difficult for the patriarchal mindset to understand that I have my own dreams and that those dreams are being given support by a husband who has willingly taken on child care responsibilities as I spread my wings. (Perhaps my darling husband’s fault for having that machismo, alpha-male image!)

I was born and brought up in a spiritual-religious family with a modern outlook. So when I was born decades ago, the first thing my father told my mum was that one day she will say, “Papa, meet my husband!” I was given the best of education, the freedom to discover and enrich myself as a person, to ride a Yamaha RX 135 to the University, to befriend anyone who met the mental bracket. And as a baptised Sikh girl myself, the only rules that I live by are set in the code. I am not answerable to anyone other than my Guru or my family.

With three masters degrees under my belt and well over a decade of professional media experience, I took the best opportunity available which brought me closer to where I belong. Chandigarh is my city. The warmth that I feel for the place is unmatched. I am now enjoying a brilliant role in a leading English national newspaper, with creative challenges that are further enriching me. It’s also a much-needed “me” time where I am not just a mother and a wife. I’m my own person.

So, the decent thing to do was to ask me why I chose to go to India and not to jump the gun and come up with theories:

1) She was just after getting a UK residence and it was only a matter of time (HA. HA. HA)

2) She was a gold-digger who married for money (yeah…DOSH)

3) She left her family for another man (YOU KNOW HIM TOO?)

4) That she was caught-red handed by her husband, with another man, who then asked her to choose between him and others (OMG, LIKE REALLY?)

5) She sold her house, abandoned her children and husband for a previous love (YOUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED, WASN’T IT?)

The irony of it all doesn’t end there. Many parents of other children, who my sons go to school with, have had the audacity to ask them if I had quarrelled with their dad and left. To those concerned mums, all I want to say is good wishes to you for your own dreams. If you can’t hug my boys when you see them, pray for their well-being and not bring them down. Their mum, as always, is making them proud and teaching them power of dreams.

This is also being seeing as an opportunity by some “lovely” women to try and fill the “void” my “abandonment” has left in the lives of my husband and children. To those well-wishers of my very attractive and courageous husband, I say BACK OFF NOW! Any digression into my home and hearth will not be taken lightly. So keep your honour intact and stop that rumour mongering. My husband is NOT AVAILABLE.

Kudos and might to my husband for taking on mothering responsibilities and standing his own guard. I don’t think there’s another person that I have ever loved more. Not all men are as gutsy and of course not every woman is as lucky and gritty!

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