The Fountain of Youth

My life in less than 140 characters: curious child, honor student, teen mom, domestic goddess, special education teacher, what’s next?

I believe the only way to live life is to squeeze it like a sponge, to wring every last drip of potential and opportunity out of it. It is said that one’s memories at 80 are 50% of one’s life before 20, and that the fastest way to age is to stop learning. The brain continues to create new neural pathways as long as we continue to seek new experiences according to the research on brain plasticity. I am looking for the fountain of youth and I believe it is found in learning.

Why software engineering? Software engineering is a world I have only experienced as a user. I know what I like. I know what is easy to use, and I am a problem solver. I want to learn, I want a challenge. I currently spend my days investing in the future, my students. I would love to have a hand in actually shaping the future for these children. As a virtual teacher I work with many different software products to deliver rigorous lessons, I have become accustom to their quirks and the work-arounds, but I would rather just build what I know I need. I am tired of returning to school to learn what I already know, or to be given outdated photocopied handouts. I am a thesis short of having two Masters Degrees. My education so far has given me a career with a salary below the poverty line, no potential for advancement, and no way to pay off my student debt. Don’t get me wrong I love teaching and it has given me lots of hugs. But it’s time for my passion for teaching to be invested in a big picture solution for not just 30 kids but 30,000. I want to be more, I see a need for software developed for teachers that works the way we think. Why shouldn’t it be me who writes it, who champions it, someone who has experienced the need first hand?

Why go to school at Holberton? Going to school at Holberton is an unbelievable opportunity to experience a curriculum that is more than academia, that is right now, that is relevant, and is amazingly taught through project based problem solving with the guidance and inspiration from leaders in software development. Why not apply and see what happens?! I missed the traditional college experience. I missed being a part of young minds coming together to create something no one knew they needed, but I know the things that I need, and I know my mind is able to learn and grow no matter my age.

Betty Holberton was asked, on the first day of class at the University of Pennsylvania, if she wouldn’t be better off raising her children. There is the potential a professor could ask me if I wouldn’t be better off just doing what I know and retiring as a teacher who did her best with what she was given. If I was asked I would answer, “No, I would be better off seeking new experiences and learning how to create the world I want to leave behind for my students.” I want to sip from the fountain of youth.

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