“The traumatic experience of a lockdown drill”

This school year, I have been working in a school for troubled kids. Each of these kids are placed here for various issues.

This morning without prior warning, an announcement came over the loudspeaker “LOCKDOWN- get into position!”

The 3 kids, myself and the class aide scrambled to get into our spot. Meanwhile the lead teacher nearly hung herself (her classroom keys were around her neck) trying to lock the door quickly. For some inexplicable reason we couldn’t shut the lights off.

A minute or two later there was this terrifying loud banging on the outside of the classroom door. Still not knowing if it were real or not, one of the students said “we’re all dead”.

After about 40 minutes of this trauma- it was announced it was only a drill and we could go back to work. Yeah okay…

If this wasn’t bad enough in the afternoon after lunch yet another announcement came on “Go into lockdown”. Since we had one “fake” one already, the same kids had different reactions. One was scared because since we already had an earlier one, he thought for sure this had to be real. The lead teacher in this classroom didn’t have a key so thus couldn’t lock the door. She scrambled to shut the lights off and we all sat in silence although another kid thought “it must be another fake one” so wasn’t taking it as seriously. I told the kid who was afraid sitting next to me that if this one turns out real, we’ll go in the bathroom and lock the door. Guess what, it wasn’t real AGAIN and to boot we were admonished for NOT LOCKING the door which was impossible since there wasn’t a key.

So to sum up- I have an issue with so many lockdown drills in school. I understand in the aftermath of so many school shootings, we need to do this BUT if parents knew the trauma a fake one we aren’t told of in advance causes kids and teachers, how would they feel about subjecting us to these.

Think about it.

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