What’s in a name?

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, said Juliet to Shakespeare. I do not think she understood the relevance of it for the millennials. Today, everything starts with a name and certainly ends with it too. Rather we have gone ahead and become territorial about by #hashtagging it. We have started referring each other by our social media names. I remember for work we engaged with ‘so called’ social influencers and they were introduced by their twitter names…i swear, they were like @cinemawali @appadabbajabba @bharelimirchi and too many more…gosh!

Coming back I am sure my name does interest all of you be it a male, female, or you are a gender neutral yaar because we all who love the other has a mother! My journey started with the man who fell for me and made me fall (literally) for his mother. Let me tell you, ah warn you, all you creature on this earth with a mother-in-law is going through your karmic cycle. You have wronged many souls on this earth and the answer to your nefarious acts is your mother-in-law. I haven’t done any good deed either I feel and my mother-in-law made me realise it even much before I met her. I wed my Mr Mammas Boy to be rechristened as Mrs Mammas Boy.