Pimp my Tron Pinball

Take your Tron pinball from ordinary to extraordinary

Our customers often ask for help finding various pinball mods— and the most requested are Tron pinball mods (besides The Getaway 2 mountain mod). Because we don’t have Tron in our collection, I reached out to our friend Frax for help. He provided a great list and some opinions about the best places to shop and when to just do it yourself. These are not organized by Pro or Premium— this is simply meant to answer a basic question about the best stuff available for Tron.

Always a favorite are the Tron lighted cycles.

Tron pinball lighted cycle mod (photo courtesy, Ministry of Pinball)

This mod can be purchased at Pinball Decals but it is quite pricey (>$300 for the two cycles). Frax recommends the DIY approach which has been detailed here and here. The cycles are Hallmark ornaments and DIY parts can be purchased for less than $50USD. If we had Tron, I’d be taking the DIY route given the price.

Probably the most sought after and difficult to get mod is the Tron Arcade Mod. This mini version of the Tron arcade game has real video and has amazing detail. It regularly shows up on lists of top pinball mods of all time. These are made in batches so you often will have to get on a waiting list. It can be purchased here.

Plastics slingshot protectors are an inexpensive and practical mod for virtually any game, including Tron. This acrylic version protects your plastics and is available for either Pro and LE. I’ve also seen colored versions of these plastics— they were incredible! Orange, yellow and blue acrylics look amazing on tron. Some of the colored verions are available at the link above. Love these on many games!

And if you don’t have the Tron LE you may want to pick up the lighted fiber optic ramp kit. These are a bit pricy but in my opinion the best Tron mod available. The ramp kit can be found at Pinbits. You’ll need to pick up the IDC pusher for installation (also available from Pinbits). These look so damn cool!

Metal Pop Bumper caps made by Hooked on Pinball are very cool looking and a relatively easy mod to install. Pick them up on e-Bay. If you want to do a fewer lower priced mods, this is one to include.

Another very simple mod for Tron is the Recognizer target bank decal which extends the recognizer across the top of the target bank. This is a ‘should have come with the game’ mod.

Courtesy Pinball Customs

Sparky Pinball created these incredible video display mods that allow you to put any video you choose on the playfield! The mod comes with detailed instructions on how to upload your video to the SD card. This mod and all of Sparky’s MDM products are available on Mezelmods.com. Purchase this less expensive mod if you don’t want to spend the money on the Tron arcade mod. You get the video effect without the price.

The Translucent Illuminated Recognizer Target is an awesome way to bring light to a dark area of the playfield. Tim at Mezelmods worked with Pinside member Frax to develop this fantastic mod. It replaces the black recognizer target bank with a 3D printed translucent version. Two colors illuminate the targets- blue and red- which combine to violet for an awesome effect. Combine with the Recognizer target decal and you’ve really got a kicking bank of targets!

Illuminated Recognizer Target Bank from Mezelmods

And speaking of targets— Stern standup targets are especially prone to drooping. And on Tron the Z and U targets are often leaning. This problem has been eliminated with a new bracket type on The Walking Dead pinball which is great but what to do about Tron and all those other Stern games? Enter Stand up target splints. This handy little brace slides on underneath the playfield to keep those standup targets straight. Very cool and inexpensive.

And if you really want to go crazy, like OCD crazy you can buy an LED OCD board. These cool boards provide fading control for LED lit inserts on your game. This is something only the astute Tron owner will notice :0)

Image courtesy DK Custom Pinball

Mike at DK Pinball has the PIG2 Mod controller for more advanced control of your mods and Power Splitter Boards which allow you to hook up several mods to one simple board. Mike also carries the Flynn Sign at DK Pinball.

PinCardz are a cool ‘should have come with the game’ addition as well. There are several Tron versions (as well as many other games).

Clearly this topic could go on forever- here are a few things worth considering that we won’t cover but are out there- Cliffy protectors, toppers, speaker lighting kits, LED flipper buttons, playfield LEDs, undercab lighting, backbox lighting. Sorry to leave out alternative translites but most of them are not licensed and include sexualized women— two no no’s in my book.

As you can see, you can dump a ton of money into Tron mods.

Go forth and accessorize!!