Pinball Gift Guide- New and Improved

Stocking Stuffers

PinGulp Drink Holders

PinGulp with an Iron Maiden inspired decal in gold vinyl

Key Chains

This key chain is made from upcycled flipper bats. Other upcycled pinball parts also available from Tiltcycle along with nightlights and other goodies

Bulb Removal Tool

Every pinball owner has experienced the challenge of removing a burned out pinball bulb in a tight corner of the play field. Eliminate the frustration associated with this task using a Pinball Bulb Removal tool from Pinball Life. This inexpensive stocking stuffer is a must have tool for every game owner. Price: $5

New Pinballs

New pinballs are typically available in standard, high polish and carbon fiber variations

Moderately Priced

Cleaning product set

Pinhedz Premium Kits include an upscale microfiber cloth which has satin edges and an ultra-fuzzy side for polishing

Speaker Light Kits and Acrylics

Speaker Lights for Stern’s Iron Maiden Pinball Machine
Assembly blades protect the inside of the cabinet and rails from scratches that can occur when the playfield is lifted

Pinball Cabinet Assembly Blades

Safely working on your treasured machine is always a challenge for pinheads. Pick up a set of cabinet side protectors that are used to safely lift and lower the playfield during servicing. These high quality, durable protectors include magnets which keep them in place while in use and can be easily hung up out of site while not in use. Price: $35

Local Arcade Gift Card

A favorite arcade of ours is the Seattle Pinball Museum!

The Grand Champion Gift


Silhouette toppers (like this for The Walking Dead)

PinStadium Lighting

PinStadium lighting controlled via a phone app allowing you to control as many kits as you have games!

Color DMD

Color DMDs are available for many popular modern pinball machines



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Mrs. MezelMods


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