Art Of Where Review — Shopify Seller’s Perspective

A month ago I opened a Shopify store to dropship my ArtOfWhere printed leggings. So far I’ve made $1,410.13 in sales, ($445.37 profit) and had 676 visitors, with mostly word of mouth and about $50 playing with Facebook advertising and Google Adwords Express. And I’d say it was pretty damn easy.

I found ArtOfWear through a simple Google search for “custom printed leggings.” I’m a yoga junkie and I live in the Athleisure capital of the world, Northern California. So I wear leggings A LOT. Being an artist, I love cool printed leggings like Black Milk makes. It suddenly occured to me one day that I should just design my own leggings to sell, like for reals. Now, I’ve designed leggings before on the print-on-demand service/dropshipper Society6. I liked the quality of the leggings, but I didn’t like anything about Society6. It’s one of those sites where you upload your artwork and you can plaster it on a million items and the (hopefully) sell them to people. I find such sites messy, hard to use, and uninspiring. I made myself a few leggings and then never went back.

ArtOfWhere was different right away. The website is very clean and easy to navigate. It clearly states what they do — create custom printed items for dropshipping. It also has big, clear sliders and buttons on the front page telling you that the integrate with Shopify, Etsy, and Big Cartel.

It really couldn’t be any easier. I didn’t even know what Shopify was, but a click on the link brought me to the Shopify site, which explained everything. (It’s an online store-building platform) In fact, it was so seamless to go to ArtOfWhere, see what they offered manufacturing-wise, and navigate to Shopify and open a store, that I had a working Shopify store stocked with ArtOfWhere leggings within an hour, and I didn’t even have the intention to open a store when I started the “custom printed leggings” search. I was just on a fact-finding mission.

So, when you go to ArtOfWhere, the very top navigation bar offers you the options to Shop, Create, Print Fabric, and to place a Dropship or Wholesale order, and then it offers information about the individual products they offer, as well as the company as a whole. This is AWESOME because any information you want is right up at the top. It’s incredibly easy to create a new product — it’s right there in the dropdown menu.

If you want to know more information about the product you’re printing on, a simple click on the dropdown menu under Products will give you any information you need — sizing, materials, etc. In my case, it’s leggings.

Clicking on the Create button opens a dropdown menu of all the items you can design. After choosing the item, you get a file upload screen with helpful guidelines about what type of files to upload, as well as a link the the pricing guide for each item.

Clicking on the pricing page link pulls up a page with an easy to read table showing the base price for each item, plus ArtOfWhere’s standard retail markup. (You can change this easily.)

After uploading your image file, you are taken to a virtual designer. This virtual designer is the most accurate, intuitive, and easy to use online product design tool I’ve ever seen.

You can adjust your design and view it on a very nice 3D model from 4 angles. There are tools to mirror your design for the right and left in various ways, so you know it will be even and accurate. And, for similar products like leggings, yoga leggings, capris, and yoga capris, you don’t have to start over. From this screen you can select another product to use the same design configuration on. This makes things very simple to offer the exact same design on all the legging choices with just a few clicks.

After you save your product creations, they show up under your account page under, you guessed it, products. Your account page is like your dashboard. You can view your products, orders, settings and all the rest.

So, you can use ArtOfWhere to simply create and dropship products to a Shopify, Etsy, or BigCartel store like I mentioned, or you can purchase your designed items wholesale, or you can sell them on the ArtOfWhere site. I decided to sell on Shopify because I wanted my own brand. I already owned my domain name, and I don’t like the idea of selling on a platform where your product is just another item in the mix. But it’s a great option for some who don’t want the hassle of setting up an online store.

I found Integrating with Shopify to be seamless. I won’t go into detail here since this is more about ArtOfWhere, except to say they play well together. It’s incredibly easy to sync the products I create on ArtOfWhere to my Shopify store. The link is at the bottom left hand side of the navigation sidebar of the Account page. If you click on that, it pulls up all of your products and a simple click of the sync arrows under each product with either populate or remove the item from your Shopify store.

ArtOfWhere also gives you very nice product images to market with using the Photo Lab tool. It makes clean 3D model images from different angles that you can download — they look great.

The only thing that’s a little tricky is the process of fulfilling an order from your Shopify store through ArtOfWhere. After you figure it out, it’s easy. When your customer makes an order through Shopify, it sends the order to ArtOfWhere. ArtOfWhere then sends you an email with a clickable link for you to pay for the order. Basically your customer pays you, you pay ArtOfWhere, and they dropship straight to your customer. Due to the fees, taxes, and shipping, between the platforms, I had to play around with my pricing. ArtOfWhere charges me $35 per legging. I pay an additional $2 for them to include a custom printed tag and shipping sticker with my branding on it, so I pay $37 per legging. Then there’s a slight difference in the cost of shipping from Shopify vs ArtOfWhere. I absorb the extra shipping cost if there is any, since Shopify charges less than ArtOfWhere for some orders. I also pay $30 a month for my Shopify store, and any fees from credit card processing and Paypal. If I charged ArtOfWhere’s standard markup of $55, I would make a pretty slim profit. I priced my leggings at $69, which is still lower than similar high quality printed leggings, and gives me a decent profit.

ArtOfWhere states that their production time for clothing dropshipping is 5–10 business days, and 2–6 business days for shipping to the US. They don’t work on weekends or holidays. So far, they have kept to the short end of that timetable. My orders seem to ship in about 5 days to a week, and take 2–3 days for shipping. So that’s great!

And finally, quality. I’m very happy with the quality of the product. The leggings are constructed well, with nice quality fabric. They fit very true to the size chart and I’ve done plenty of yoga in them, and they are quite stretchy and comfortable. The print quality is excellent — bright, crisp, and true to color. My clients are all thrilled with the quality as well. Lighter colors are slightly sheer, but that’s any legging. I had one instance where a waistband was sewn on slightly off center, and I contacted the customer service about it. I didn’t request a new pair, since I’m a seamstress I just took it off and sewed it on correctly. However, I emailed them to let them know. They were extremely quick and handled the situation very professionally, and gave me an account credit. Overall I’m incredibly pleased with ArtOfWhere! They’ve made it easy to start a high-quality leggings business from scratch!

If you want to check out my leggings, you can find them at! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! ❤