Dear Mother

Dear Mother, though you may not be especially maternal,
 And though I find myself writing about you in my journal,
 Please know that it is not all bad, and that I love you dearly,
 My only hope is that I express it more than yearly.

Dear Mother, you are strong and fierce, a force with which to be reckoned,
 Up against you any other is bound to be found second.
 But please remember strength is not the most important feature
 And that sometimes soft and caring makes you a better teacher.

Dear Mother, while to others you seem the party’s life and soul,
 Remember, we who know you, realise that is not the story whole.
 While you may wear a mask outside of vibrancy and laughter,
 Once everyone is gone away you need to relax after.

Dear Mother, I see you suffering, deep inside and I am worried,
 I know that healing comes in time and that it can’t be hurried.
 But first you must find the strength to face those inner evils,
 The ones that took up residence in your youth, throughout the upheavals.

Dear Mother, know it’s ‘cos I care that I say you don’t seem cheerful,
 I see inside, to those dark memories and of them you are fearful.
 And though you’re not yet ready for your journey to begin,
 Know that I will hold your hand, and that weakness is not a sin.

Dear Mother, maybe you’ll never face those demons, but I pray,
 That one day you will beat them into submission anyway.
 Not just for your own peace of mind, but, selfishly, so that we
 Can be a stronger unit, and finally be free.


Originally published at Mrs TeePot.