Crash Re-Symbolication

Many times developers like me come to a situation where you have only an Un-Symbolicated crash logs from the remote user and have to find out the exact issue of the crash. For such situation, we can Re-Symbolicate crash logs manually.


To get your symbolicated logs from Crash logs you will need following files:

  • — Application file (Executable).
  • MyApp-dsym.dSYM — dSYM file, generated by XCODE when actual .app file complied.
  • MyApp-Crash-log.crash — Crash log, that can be taken from real device.


Move all the above files (, MyApp-dSYM.dSYM and MyApp-Crash-log.crash) into a Folder with a convenient name wherever you can go using Terminal easily.

For me, Desktop is the most easily reachable place ;)
So, I have moved these three files into a folder MyApp at Desktop.


Now its turn of Finder, Go to the path from following whichever is applicable for your XCODE version.

XCode 8 /Applications/

XCode 7.3 /Applications/

XCode 7 /Applications/

Xcode 6

Other then Xcode 6




Copy symbolicatecrash file from this location, and paste it to the Desktop/MyApp
(Wait… Don’t blindly follow me, I am pasting sybolicatecrash file in folder MyApp, one that you created in step one at your favorite location, having three files.)


Open Terminal, and CD to the MyApp Folder.

  • cd Desktop/MyApp — Press Enter
  • export DEVELOPER_DIR=”/Applications/” — Press Enter
  • ./symbolicatecrash -v MyApp-Crash-log.crash MyApp.dSYM — Press Enter

That’s it !! Symbolicated logs are on your terminal…
Now what are you waiting for? Simply, Find out the Error and resolve it ;)

Happy Coding !!!