Chapter nine hell’s gate.

The hall of kings that contains 12 door for Zack to regain his demon memories, from a century and a half of his lost life. We learned from the gate of anima that he can use some kind of magic to cast with an ability to summon dragons , beasts that turn to armor.that what have Zack learned in the gate of anima.

Zack all healed up walks into the hall, finds Zepar and yin welcoming him back from his triumph of anima.Zack heads to his kings throne to rest while yin took he’s crown to clean the blood out of it. Zepar knows that Carolyn is hiding inside of Zack . he told Zack . then he summoned her out . she bows to the elder king Zepar the first Valire, she tells him: the first Valire the creator has awaken inside of Zack he wants to teach him true history and how he end up losing everything, should i stop his memory she asks.

Zepar replys: no need your king has awaken with anger towards Marco our inner civil war is not that important. He looks to his grandkid Zack is 18 in his new reborn body but remember Carolyn you Are the one who killed his old body under my orders anyhow, what about his eyes do he have full control of them. Carolyn replys: he controls 30% of it and the rest is sealed. Meanwhile Excalibur awakes in Zack hands to wake him up. Zack wakes up to talk to his sword . the sword informs Zack of what it heard. Zack look to Zepar and Carolyn and choose to deal with the matter later. Zack rises from his throne walks to the dark flame gate of hell . the frame glows a demon is summoned. The demon with blackish hair tall as firola and looks like a knight of king was summoned . may i introduce myself the demon talks: I’m the second knight the first demon to follow you my king ,my name is Lancelot the last remains knight of your round table . they call you Zack but your known name in your world as Galahad” Zack” Valare. Zack order Lancelot to rise and tells him: your name is sir Kay and we shall pass all the 12 gates then destroy marco and my enemy’s. Kay replys : I’m going to protect you in hades.

Zack opens the gate lava flows out of it and the gate tell Zack who shall enter shall face hell .

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