LOVE Sucks Most of the Time

>>>Explicit Content<<<

crazy how one can ever in life feel as if they know;

As if they know the trials and struggles of someone else …

No one no one,

Not one other person will ever know deep down the care worries and battles

Another one other person goes through

You could be so deep, so madly in Love with one another and not relate or understand…

Their temptations, Their upbringing and their deepest secrets and their beliefs and their morals and

If they really and truly in their purest form of being Love you.

One must use their full Brain , their entire mind & Powers given by the Creator to completely LOVE one to another … Sex fools many , the most average person is compelled and drawn to Love by Sex which is ever so Natural, due to pathological/generational curses that have plagued us All…

BUT knowing and feeling and experiencing LOVE with someone far beyond the flesh, but spiritually… Intellectually… With your whole brain.

Never thought about it until tonight when I tried it…

I had to know where it was going with this guy far beyond his big dick, muscles, and the so evident sexual chemistry; which I admit was completely luring in the beginning… But with the “inconsistency”, it had come down to the test… Ladies you know the test where he doesn’t even realize he’s being tested… Yeah that one!!!

I decided to use my whole brain because a girl is literally hitting 30 and has no time for a man that doesn’t use his “whole brain” too.

I’m finding myself and I expect you to at least be at a point where you want to find yourself too, Besides the average, typical, dangerous sexual immoral escapades.

I’m looking for marriage and a life that is satisfactory to the eyes of my creator.

And Honestly, if having sex with you or sucking your dick or letting you taste my vagina is going to exclude my soul from eternal life I’m not willing to take that risk any longer.

I’m going to use my whole brain in relationships just as I am obligated and expected to do so in business. Its time vested and much beyond time it’s emotional and sacrificial.

I humble myself and take a stand on consistently using far beyond my emotional senses but also my soulful and spiritual senses as well … If it’s Real LOVE and true Love it will lead with more then just a dick in your face but will lead with intimacy in the form of a whole conversation and/or laughs over lattes … 💋

Women come from a long years of broken hearts and silent addictions and crooked smiles and shattered dreams and coverups with beautiful makeup and more or less a form of molestation and enmity; all of which was written and past down tribe to tribe and generation to generation which is apart of our Journey. A journey which includes many storms, hustles, & swindles, but one that is designed to make us prepared and fit to be Rulers and Queens… We are diamonds in the rough (for Christ sake we are able to bare children & feed them with our very own bodies) our Powers are great and far beyond belief if you really geek out about it!!!

We are great and wonderfully made … We are powerful beings and evil has been defeating us for far too long so I take a stand!!! A stand on rape, moleststion, manipulation, generational curse… I take a stand on being stuck on stupid love and imperfections, I take a stand on even caring what other people think so much so that you aim to please them and not yourself and ur creator!!!

I believe that the Wondetful Whitney Houston sang it best while she taught us to take a moment to simply “Wait & Exhale”, it took me 29 years and I’m finally learning to Exhale. Just literally take the deepest breath ever and all at once Let go and Exhale all your worries, cares, troubles and bad thoughts. Let it out , We all right now are going through something whether single mom dilemmas , or an estranged Love, or weight stability, or a yeast infection or any & all and every thing women go through second to second …. Inhale it all in right now, meditate on it, Now in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. EXHALE!!!!! And Repeat as many times throughout the day as possible.

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