What disturbed me about the Facebook meeting.
Glenn Beck

I’m an independent author. Facebook WAS one of the only places I had been using to market my books on Amazon. NO LONGER. Since I heard about this new platform, Medium, I am going to transition my marketing HERE. Let me say this about Facebook…I am shut down once a week by them. I am in 600+author groups where the author is invited to post their book copy and blurb. Apparently, I can only post 20 times then get shut down by Facebook for a week. I am sick of their lack of “help” on their HELP page. I am sick of the fact that Facebook is anonymous and never answers a question, even though they have this phony “appeal” process.

I will say this: I have never been treated so poorly as a “client” in my life. If I treated my readers this way, they wouldn’t be around for long. Due to Facebook’s lack of customer service, and unfair policies, or unknown policies, I won’t be on that platform much longer.

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