10 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Hysterectomy
Lisa Gastaldo

I had crazy cycles, lots of pain, and it got to the point that my first day of my period was a day of rest…let’s be real, I couldn’t even stand up straight. July 27, 2001 I had my last period. When it ended, the pain didn’t. After tests my doctor described my condition like this: imagine a cat has claws in your abdominal walls- that’s your fallopian tubes which have attached themselves with scar tissue (I assume from two C-sections). And at the bottom of the fixture attached to my abdonimal walls was a cyst as big as a plum. Ouch!!! I can remember shaking my head…yep, that’s how it felt. Well it’s been 15 years. It took years to realize i can buy sexy panties. But afterwards I hardly ever missed work. It’s freeing…and yes, no birth control. Now I did take estrogen at least ten years, but well into my 50s I figure it’s time for menopause, so be it. That was challenging — standing still sweating like I’m running, but that too was temporary. AND Oh yeah, and me and my husband were worried whether “she” would still “work” — trust me, she is free to enjoy her life too!!