Stop Saying Trump is Like Nixon
Titus Willis

I, too, am a many decades long student of Nixon and Watergate.

I will agree with you on all points…right up until the hiring of the “Plumbers”.

Nixon knew because Haldeman wouldn’t do what he asked so Dick brought in Colson to get that band of losers together. Nothing happened in the West Wing without Dick’s knowledge. Nothing. You’re looking slightly through rose-coloured glasses on this issue.

Trump, however, can never be put in the same class as Nixon, simply because Nixon’s generation still had a moral code.

As well, the intellectual level is clearly without comparison. Dick was a genius lawyer, a well-read man who was cerebral in everything he did; Trump can’t read a book to save his life, and the only thing he knows how to do is bully or con people into giving him money.

Dick failed in office over a need to control. Trump will fail in office over a need for greed.

Dick was a statesman despite his flaws; Donald is trailer park trash with money.

I, too, agree these men are chalk and cheese, but I think the over-riding comparison stems from both men believing “the end justifies the means”, and inherent in that is the flaw which brought down the former and will down the latter. The clock ticked then and it is ticking now…

As E. Howard Hunt said to John Dean, “the graves are already dug, John”.

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