Scary Movies I Watched as a Kid (And a Few I Didn’t)

Since I am a learned survivor of the LBJ, Nixon and Ford Admins, on top of your list of scary Prez’s, my list would be more U.K, Hitchcock and Vincent Price.

The top four psych horrors of all time have to be;

The Collector (1965)— so much so that Leonard Lake and Charles Eng chose to copycat that lovely plot recipe FOR REAL in Northern California…crikey!

See No Evil (1971) — a British horror of a blind woman being stalked in a mansion by the killer of her parents, whose bodies still happen to be splattered out in the mansion with her and she doesn’t know it. I dare you to watch without the aid of anti-anxiety pills!

The Birds (1963) — sure, laugh now. No one was laughing in ’63! If today I see swooping black birds, I’m running for cover. That hour and a half cost me nightmares for the rest of my childhood. Thank Hitch. FYI: my parents told me to go to bed, that this movie was not for kids. I did. And I turned on my bedroom TV. FYI-FYI: I still can’t re-watch that movie. I’ve tried. I can’t. And this is from someone who can’t wear a scarf around her neck but has watched Frenzy(1972) all the way through, twice!

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) — I was good up until that stretching torture device scene in the dungeon. Nothing good comes from lashing a human being to a wheel which stretches his body around said until it pulls apart, I don’t care who you are. To this day, old wringer washing machines and homemade pasta makers give me a back ache.

Today’s gore fests…I don’t even move a muscle. I see the blood gush coming well before the splatter hits the walls, and while younger kiddies grab at their Depends underwear in fright, I reach for the red NIBS licorice and put more ketchup on my fries.

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