The Mayor of Crazy Town — Know Thy Enemy

It’s Malcolm Nance’s moniker for the Founder of Info Wars, Alex Jones.

And as a former counterintelligence expert, I bet his spidey sense for crazy is pretty well refined.

The problem is that there are many, many American citizens of Crazy Town, most of which voted for The Donald in the first place. So, a better label would be Mayor Crazy-like-a-fox for Jones.

Alex Jones is a product of his father, who by personal admissions from the son, was a lifelong Birch Society advocate, that even Conspiracy Theorist and movie producer, Oliver Stone, in his movie, JFK, wrote script for actor, Kevin Costner, to describe such “Birchers” as “…just to the right of Attila The Hun,” which really is no exaggeration.

Jones grew up in JFK’s “Nut Country”, deep in the heart of Texas, infused, no doubt, with the father’s hatred for far-reaching government and “socialist agenda” leaders like JFK, attempting to make America an international player rather than a narrow-minded isolationist state.

And inherent in that belief is Fear. Fear of government. Fear of outsiders. Fear of End of Days. Just plain Fear. Outsiders are the Devil and Christ alone, their Saviour, and amid that cauldron cooks a hatred for Change.

This kind of mix is nothing new in society. We’ve had Fear mongers throughout the ages. Why, even in the Wild West there were End of Days heralders selling this miracle cure or that protection against the omnipresent-but-not-quite-identified “invading hordes”.

So flash forward an hundred years and out pops Jones and his merry band of Haters.

Flash back seventy years to Germany and you can see an exact replay of Jones in an ill-educated, little known zealot speaker named Adolf.

When times are tough and when ill-educated blue collar people are having it rough, they yearn for a leader who will return their country to older times, when the quality of life was worse but the paycheque was steady.

Orators like Adolf and Alex are the same. Rough, aggressive, plain speaking, a facade of a man’s-man but anything but, well versed at hiding their Crazy, well read but poorly educated, and filled with hatred for anyone, any group, who they deem squashed their attempts at success.

With Adolf, his stock and trade was bullyism and his Number One Best Seller (forced by law to be bought and read by every German citizen, so millions he made), Mein Kampf.

With Alex Jones, and help from his Birch Society orthodontist father, his stock and trade is a production line of all things Miracle Cure/Sure-fire Defence against those still omnipresent-but-not-quite-pinpointed “invading hordes”, all For Sale, for Big Bucks, on his website.

And over two decades and a desperate and fearful audience of 6 million, Jones has gone from Nut Country Nut Job to millionaire several times over. He may be the Mayor of Crazy Town but he’s holding that office in luxury by exploiting the fears of his ill-informed followers.

You’re wondering why I’m even spending one word on this Guru of Gore? Because as Sun Tsu said, “Know Thy Enemy”.

He has millions of viewers/listeners on his daily political talk show (rant, really), his quack pharmaceuticals and end-of-days products fly off the shelves for people afraid of their own shadow, and, more importantly, he has the ear of your President, Donald Trump.

Several sites like Google, Twitter and Facebook have either banned him altogether or are monitoring his speech, but I fear it’s just a matter of time before one of his crackpot listeners does something we all will regret.

I monitor him. I have to. Just as I would a deadly snake in the grass.

He is known for jumping to conclusions, over-reaching assumptions and seeing conspiracy theories where none exist. But his followers are devout believers and his crew have also zealously drunk his Kool-Aid and spout “Alexisms” on a daily basis, so listen and monitor, I do, for to take an accurate temperature of a country’s state of affairs is to swim with the bottom feeders. Jack Kennedy knew this. But he swam too close and it got him killed.

Unlike Jack, I plan on staying alive…listening, watching, waiting…sending out a call of warning, if need be…so Alex’s 6 mill doesn’t sprout to the heights of Adolf’s. Don’t be fooled into thinking it couldn’t. Alex may be the Mayor of Crazy Town but Trump is the President of these Uncertain States of America.

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