Wanna Be a Writer? Me Neither

Thunderpuff, you and I had about the same childhood; although, I suspect, a generation or two apart, as there was no Atari in my age 6 world, but Hanna Barbera did reign supreme, you and I inevitably reaching our peak in the same year. It’s all been downhill since then.

The laugh “track”? That’s easy. I knew it was other kids in other homes laughing along with me…duh! Today, I still know this to be true when I watch cartoons at age 54, and I am not embarrassed to say it. Thunderpuff, the Truth shall set you free!

Barbies…ahh, Barbies. Christmas 1970, I got the Barbie Camper AND the Barbie Dune Buggy! Did I mention I peaked at age 6?

As for Moms offering kids a career silver lining — which when met age appropriately rusted and fell to the ground like so much dusty-red disappointments — I too had that Mother and that talk.

She propped me up on the kitchen counter — which in and of itself was shocking because counter sitting was a No-no, so I KNEW this was a serious gabfest — and told me I would graduate from highschool with all As, be accepted at a distinguished university where I would make the Dean’s List (she used more layman terms as she had never been to college), graduate and join a Guild (she actually used that word, and to this very day, I don’t know what Guild or why one would want me?), then be accepted into a powerhouse company in a huge city somewhere, where I’d work for “them” for 25 years and be given a retirement party and a gold watch, (flush with mega retirement dough presumably although moola was never mentioned).

Uh huh.

As I said…

I’m with you. Age 6 is as good as it ever gets.

As for writing…I’ve conned myself into thinking my words WILL make a difference and they WILL better society.

I’m Irish and a hack. Both are masters at bullsh*t.

Thank you for your literary confession today, Thunderpuff. I think I’m going to pull out my Barbies and drown them all in my kitchen sink while swigging back a bottle of wine for breakfast. Breakfast is, after all, the most important meal of the day!

Thanks again! :D

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