Truth Is Militant…The Blame Game…

The Wobashaw Gopher

We Dig For The Truth

A print sheet was placed in front of Herbert Greenway, Editor In Chief of the Wobashaw Gopher. On it, the Op Ed cartoon scheduled for page 3, the cartoonist, Pete Weyy, looming over the old man with the look that he had made a touchdown on this beaut.


A sketch of four men playing poker — a Priest, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Monk, and above the table, adorning the wall, hung the iconic image of dogs playing poker, only the dogs’ heads were of Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, Elvis and Michael Jackson, all considered ‘prophets’ in their own time.

A tiny, empty, dusty, picture frame labelled “God” was shoved down on the bottom of a bookshelf, buried under great big books of their time,

“The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump,

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, and the

“The Joy of Sex” by Alex Comfort


“Are you nuts, Pete? We can’t run this. Remember what happened to that Danish newspaper some years back and then the bombing of that mag in Paris? What, you have a death wish for us or somthin’?”

“Aw, c’mon, Boss, the cartoon isn’t sniping any specific organized religion, it’s sniping them all. My take is that it’s organized religion which is at the core of all of history’s greatest conflicts, our conflicts today, and that to fight in His Name is a laugh. I’m just showing the absurdity of man’s take on God. All I’m doing is holding up a mirror, telling it like it is. The Gopher digs for The Truth, remember?”

With his head down, resigned to the truth of the matter, the Editor let the cartoon run for the 6pm edition.



The town of Wobashaw was hit with a reality check this morning. An explosion at the news agency, The Gopher, destroyed the historic red brick building, instantly killing the Editor In Chief and all journalists. An empty shell was found among the rubble, evidence that it was an RPG hit. No faction or group has claimed responsibility. Church attendance State-wide has soared, clerics stating there has been a 50% increase in tithing.


That same evening in Wobashaw, a Priest, a Rabbi, an Imam and a Monk got together to play poker. Stakes were higher as the tithing plates which sat to the right of each man were overflowing with loot, and that helped up the ante. The dogs playing poker image hung on the wall and someone had accidentally stepped on an empty frame labelled “God”. No cleric would accept responsibility for the break [of faith].

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