Ladies Who LiveStream: Episode 2 on Blab

Ladies Who LiveStream runs on Blab Thursday nights at 10 pm EST/7 pm PST. Hosted by JennyQ, “Queen of Blab” and host of “The Daily Q Show”, and Ms. Candy Blog, “where candy is always in vogue”, the show features the unique issues surrounding women in live streaming.

The show is a discussion by women, for women, about being a woman in the world of livestreaming. The show was born from the fact that we both had a number of similar experiences directly related to the fact that we were women. And we were hearing from other women the same stories.

Ladies Who LiveStream, Episode 2: March 3, 2016


  1. Jill McCarthy

Jill McCarthy, known to most as “Jilleysue”, has been in the Direct Sales industry for over 14 years. Jill has been known as the one who has shaken up the traditional party plan platform by using Social Media & Live Streaming strategies instead of traditional phone call or door to door tactics. She just reached the top level in her own Direct Sales Business and has worked with hundreds of Direct Sellers with a variety of companies.

2. Aandra Bohlen

Aandra Bohlen is a multi six -figure business consultant and sales expert with a track record that includes 26 years of award-winning sales experience. She is well-known in the online marketing community as a Sales Coach and Human Potential Activist.

Aandra is the founder and creator of the highly engaged BIZ B.A.B.E.S. movement which includes more than 10,000 fans on both Periscope and Facebook.

The topics were selected at random by the guests from numbered envelopes. We discussed:.

  • Favorite livestreaming app
  • Objectification of women

We end our show with a game we like to called “Quirky Quotes” In the game, we ask our guests for some random words to replace selected words in a quote from a livestreamer.

This week’s original quote was by Kim Garst:

“Brands no longer own their message. They can try to control it, but they do not own it. Today, consumers own the message. What they say about a brand carries more weight than what the brand says about itself.”

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